New Year 2017

Happy New Year Blessings to each of you. As our cosmos expands cycling thru star-fields of possibilities, our earth continues her dance marked by the seasons on the symbolic medicine wheel of life.

In Human Design, the Rave New Year begins when the sun enters the 41st Gate, which is the corresponding hexagram for the start codon in our genetics. Look to celebrate as Capricorn shifts to Aquarius in the symbolic zodiac ~January 20/21, 2017

Consider refreshing your Venus Sequence passage as you walk into this new year on your lightning path, feeling into your presence of your Life’s Purpose for this is where you stand, gentle or fierce.

“The hidden Gift, your Purpose, lies hidden deep within your DNA. When you trust in your highest dreams and have the courage to manifest them through your Life’s Work, then your Purpose begins to nourish you from deep within your being.

When you ignite the Gift of this Gene Key then you activate the forces of synchronicity and grace in your outer life. Your Purpose is all laid out for you already, and all you have to do is unlock it. This can only occur as you embrace your own inner nobility and express it through selfless service and unconditional love.”

You enter your Venus Stream from your earthly purpose, deep in the Mystery of the Goddess herself. She is here to nourish and ground each of us as we move into various relationships with emotional and cosmic forces, our inner mysteries revealed as veils are lifted and initiations met.


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New Moon of August Grace

faery-image4.png May the Blessings of this New Moon be upon you

May the call of your heart be answered

May Grace bless you with abundant calm

May your stories ring true, as your blood pulses with wild knowing

May your SoulSong carry your essence of truth  ( kss )








Not a Straight Line


Not a Straight Line
Discovery revealed that once upon a time, to stretch from goal to goal worked.
In a straight Line, we moved from childhood to adulthood, from first kiss to parenting.
Living now in new geometries, the circle reveals her qualities, dips, swerves, curves,
the feminine is in the mark making, yet not in a straight line.
She lives within, in hidden code

venpic2and thus our new lives, our new stories unfold as we yield to deeper mystery.

“Under daylight’s glow, we walk beneath a canopy of stars, which more visibly shine upon us as the Sun, our solar star, sets in the western sky.  The myths are far and wide, stories reach from the Ancients to arc into our awakening modern identity. Our Ancestral pathways ,within our DNA Spiral, were birthed under these same stars. Constellations identified, glorified and mystified, set as beacons by the storytellers of old, sparkle as wise beings above.” excerpt from StarAlchemy by Kendall S. Scott

wishing on a star sung by Rose Royce

cancer-constellation-jamieson-1822-smWe enter the constellation of The Crab on June 20

the energies of The Wanderer meet us here in the Channel of Entertainment 56/11 , the power source of galactic center infusing this mid way point of Summer. The 11th Gate of the Visionary Shaman is known for the way of Light and seeks the 56th to meet in Story.

Gene Key 56

Siddhi:   Intoxication

Gift:     Enrichment

Shadow:     Distraction

Inquiry for this time ~ what story is carrying you ? Are you being carried away ?

Freedom by Kendall

Freedom by Kendall

The Earth at this time is will be grounded in Gene Key 60 as a contemplation into our Evolution.

Siddhi:      Justice

Gift:          Realism

Shadow:      Limitation

Under the surface, behind the veil of stars our Radiance pulses:

Radiance point at this juncture is:

Gene Key 3

Siddhi : Innocence

Gift: Innovation

Shadow: Chaos

Holding us to Purpose in the dense warm Earth

Gene Key 50

Siddhi: Harmony

Gift: Equilibrium

Shadow: Corruption

The Crab carries its home on its back, moving in sideways motion. Sacrificed in ancient battle and placed amoungst the stars as its reward. Representing safe harbor of home yet oftentimes also abandonment, The Crab is a deep dark sign, allowing a place for our emotional depths to rest and be nourished.

Nautilus provided by Wikimedia

Nautilus provided by Wikimedia





StarFire Rising

Thirteen is where I will begin, today, thirteen ,  a one and a three

13th  Gene Key

Siddhi              Empathy

Gift             Discernment

Shadow              Discord

” Listening through Love”

Venus is currently transiting the 13th Gene Key ; Aquarius the Water Bearer.

by Victor Nizovtesev

Interesting find today, Eris, Goddess of Discord, has three daughters;

The Algea , Greek Goddesses of suffering, The Algea are referred to as being “full of weeping,” and they governed suffering of both body and mind.  

They are named Akhos (“distress”), Ania (“grief”), and Lupe (“pain”). 

Eris , herself,  Daughter of the Night in some mythical lore ~ Harmonia her opposite.



Whenever I am creatively stuck, I turn to the goddess star, I turn to Venus , seeking her brilliant light within my eternal inner world.

On this earth, whenever I am stuck I turn to another Goddess, Sophia,

Wisdom Goddess, Goddess of this Earth, Goddess of my Heartvision.

Stuck in creative mud, perhaps if it weren’t Winter, I would seek a pool of mud

  warm, gooey, dark  Mother mud.

Seeking balance, I pick up pen and journal

Seeking expression, I pick up my alchemical brush

Seeking connection, I inhale

StarFire Rising,  wishing for a spacesuit to zoom thru wormholes where stuckness doesn’t exist.

Seeking connection, I exhale

Creative stuckness, once seen, once embraced transforms into creative flow, not necessarily easy flow, pretty or profound, but flow, non the less….

Not seeing the Organic Light, doesn’t mean it isn’t there…

calling the planet Venus a star, doesn’t make her any more or less of a being of my active imagination.

and once seen, the Organic Mother Light, elixir to my interstellar static wavemaker wondering stardust self , bliss tho not often attained is still available.

Upcoming event, The Venus Sequence Deep Dive, beginning soon, in March here is the link if interested.


As for me, I have a Smashbook journal and canvas, dedicated to The Venus Sequence, I have been painting the Sequence with Intentional Creativity for a few years now, always intending to share, to make videos , demonstrating how to activate and integrate thru brush and pen, might happen, might not, my inner mermaid cannot decide if she has a song to sing or if she prefers to find her land legs, which implies , naturally that she may lose her tongue and if that is the case we know she will be found dancing under the stars.

artist Victor Nizovtsev



Wolf Moon Rave New Year

Rave New Year  January 22,2016  14:37:53 GMT


Jovian Archive Media Inc.

14 hrs ·

“When you live a cycle as yourself it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the cycle. It really doesn’t. It’s something to keep in mind about the Rave New Year. First of all, about the nature of the Rave New Year, history is full of calendars. And calendars have always been one of two things. That is, they’ve been religious or they’ve been political. The Rave New Year is a mechanical reality. That is, it is truly the beginning of what is an annual process. The key to all of that is the magic of the 41st gate. This has to do with the relationship of the hexagrams of the I’Ching, to the codons of our genetic code. And when it comes to the 41st gate which in the I’Ching is known as Decrease, the 41st gate is associated with what is known as a start codon, Methonine. It’s the only start codon.

I want to really get you to grasp what that actually means. In all the genetic forms of life, that is, all the bioforms on this planet, that in their genetic code it’s written in such a way that at the beginning of every single piece of strung out data, at the beginning of every so called genetic sentence, at the very beginning, the only way a genetic sentence can begin is with the 41st codon. It’s why when the Sun enters into the 41st gate that we’re really dealing with something that’s special. That is, we’re dealing with the Sun entering into a position in which its influence in that 41st gate is influencing all forms of life, and influencing them at the beginning of what is a solar cycle.

So this movement of the Sun here into the 41.1, and here’s the 41st gate down here in the Root Center. And of course, it’s something to understand at a very simple level, the Root Center in Human Design is a pressure center. Every year begins with a pressure. It begins with the pressure that’s there in the 41 to start things. It’s a beautiful image in the traditional I’Ching, that is, in the ancient I’Ching, the 41st hexagram is a hexagram of decrease. And it’s really decrease in the sense of what a gardener does at the end of the growing season when they cut everything back. And they cut everything back so that it can sprout anew. And the 41st gate is about this eternal font of potential inherent in human beings.

Not only is the 41st gate the initiating codon and therefore the beginning of things, but when you see it in the layout of the bodygraph you see its true, true purpose. This movement from the 41 here to the 30th gate to the 36th gate and then up here to the 35th gate, this is called the human experiential way. It is literally about the nature of what it is to be human on this plane. And it is a stream of desire.

The 41st gate is a pressure. It is a desire. And it’s a desire for the experience. One of the ways in which you can deconstruct the 41st gate is that it’s a gate of fantasy. Inherent in humanity is the potential for this incredible fantasy. We all know it. We live in an age where you can make a movie like Avatar. You can think up anything you want and you can realize it. Our imagination is extraordinary. And it is rooted here in this 41st gate, this initiating force, this pressure to move us into experience.”
Ra Uru Hu – Rave New Year…/…/2016_Rave_New_Year_Forecast

Happy New Year 2016

Here, Now, Today

a fresh step

Another one tomorrow from personal beginnings to cultural beginnings with more New Year beginnings to come, the “start” codon  41st Gate of  New Beginnings/ Cycles

January 22,2016

you can check into a little background on the above link

Chinese New Year will celebrate The Red Monkey !


I made a little movie…to mark my 2015 Painting process, it includes, canvases from 1996, 2012, 2013, 2014. but, many are from 2015, some didn’t make the line up, the video marks a completion for me and is informing all the ideas that are percolating under the surface of my creative self.



This year of 2015 unfolded in a great spin of reconfiguration, new living environment, with more than a bit of my wild gypsy self demanding to be heard.  I journeyed on the Tree of Life, learning more and more about the primal mythic feminine.

I star- journeyed with various mentors in an adventure of archetypal wonder.

there is so much more to come as I work on my various projects in 2016

Good Wishes to you all, may your inner landscapes find peace, harmony and strength , may you outer landscapes reflect the same.

Assiah 3

~ Soft Days of Being ~ 2012

Occasionally we find ourselves in a soft day of Being ~ a day wherein the ebb and flow of our thoughts  soften to find sweetness in Being, suggesting that we might consider that Being~ness is higher that Doing ~ to beg the question would we ever “Do something that would compromise our Being,  indeed sacrifice our Being for Doing. “ quoting Hawaiian wisdom

Sometimes these types of days may translate only as moments of fleeting insightful observation within the scope of our awareness, yet as we breathe more deeply, time may embrace us in an experience of elongated thought or timelessness.

This week the 19th Hexagram, the Gate, the I Ching….is illuminated by the Sun. It is a Gate that resides in the constellation of  Aquarius and finds its earthly home in the Root Chakra.  In the bodygraph the 19th links as a channel to the 49th Gate, yet its programming partner is 33rd gate , which resides in the constellation of Leo.  Describing and understanding the 19th Gene Key / Gate is a bit difficult.  It feels quite cool, yet  full of passion hinting at the promise of relationship. 

In the Gene Key perspective the Shadow  is  Co-Dependence; the Gift – Sensitivity ; the Siddhi – Sacrifice.  Surely, as a culture we are quite familiar with Co-Dependence, but are we Sensitive ? Do we understand the healing or positive nature of Sacrifice ? Do we have the courage to identify and elevate the Shadow ?

The Rave I Ching (Ra Uru Hu) identifies this Gate as Wanting/Approach – ” That all things are interrelated is apparent and manifested through the action of approach.”

  Line 1 – Interdependance ; Line 2 – Service ; Line 3-Dedication; Line 4-The Team Player; Line 5-Sacrifice;Line 6-The Recluse

The Classic I Ching , refers to this hexagram as Advancing.

One might consider in the lower frequency the entangling nature of enmeshment / co-dependence .  While also considering the subsequent costs in relationship when there is a lack of mutuality,  one might also consider ones Wanting…in all matters of relating and interaction.

Now, what could all of this mean to the qualities of Beingness ? We can only look into our hearts to determine how we interrelate, are we pulsing with the Shadow of Co-dependence ? Are we illuminated by  Gifts of Sensitivity ; are we Wanting….are we Approaching…what is Wanting us ? What needs are present , how are we connecting , through distortion or clarity ?

Some of us carry these lines as definition in our charts, those of us who don’t carry the lines are subject to being “informed” or “conditioned” by the lines. As ever,  an opportunity lies in  contemplation and observation, the more intriguing the question, perhaps, mores the mystery that lies therein. 

As we endeavor to “raise” our awareness, the underbelly of the shadow may bite our sweet selves in a challenge which reminds us that we often times  inadvertently trap ourselves within delusions of  perfection,  finding ourselves innocently trapped in the shadow of co-dependence…. at that tender moment it may be best to recall that a breath of forgiving acknowledgement, may  perhaps “Advance” our “Sensitivity” allowing for direct self honesty in our navigation of this gate of perception.

Miranda and the Tempest 1916 J. W. Waterhouse